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There is a continuous increase in the demand for stainless steel wire. Our customers value a wire of high quality, with good formability and strength. These product qualities have lead to a demand for the stainless wire rod and wire from Fagersta Stainless in an increasingly wider range of applications.
An even and stable price trend is also in demand, which has been difficult to fulfill due to the great fluctuations of raw material prices, especially for nickel.

This is why Fagersta Stainless has invested a great deal of time and resources in developing new wire steel grades, with a lower nickel content, while retaining the recognized high product quality. We can now offer LDX 2101® and SAF 2304® as stainless rod and wire, which gives you the advantage of continuing to be a cost effective and competitive supplier of high-quality wire products, even if the price of raw materials is on a roller coaster ride.

In close cooperation with our owners, Outokumpu and Sandvik, we have developed and adapted the Lean Duplex grades LDX 2101® and SAF 2304® for stainless rod and wire. We have secured the supply of raw material and invested in our rolling mill and wire drawing machinery in order to maintain a high delivery capacity. We are now the first wire supplier able to offer you the choice between Lean Duplex and austenitic stainless steel.
Independent of your choice, you gain a long-term and reliable partnership with Fagersta Stainless, offering products of high and even quality.


Lean Duplex has been used successfully for many years in areas such as desalination plants, tramcars, filtering plants, pipes, storage tanks, pressure tanks, floodgates and footbridges. Lean Duplex is characterized by great strength, good corrosion resistance and good formability. These properties make it an interesting alternative for applications within building-, transportation- and electronics industries.
The nickel content of Lean Duplex has been greatly reduced. The duplex structure enables it to still have comparable or even better properties when compared to austenitic stainless steel.

LDX 2101® (FSAB R617.10)
LDX 2101® is a lean duplex with a high mechanical strength due to its duplex micro structure and high nitrogen content. Typical applications are rod and wire for general-purpose and environments and products for building and constructions such as reinforcement bars.

Chemical composition (nominal %)

C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo N

0.03 0.70 5.00 21.50 1.50 0.30 0.23

SAF 2304® (FSAB R630.10)
With its duplex micro structure and high chromium and low nickel content SAF 2304® has improved stress corrosion resistance proper ties compared with the austenitic grades T304L and T316L. Typical applications are rod and wire for reinforcement bars and other products for building and constructions where T304L, 316L and 316Ti are normally used.

Chemical composition (nominal %)

C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo N

0.015 0.45 0.95 22.50 4.70 0.20 0.10


• Great strength

• Very good corrosion resistance

• Good formability

• Good weldability

• Good machinability (LDX2101®)


The steel market is dynamic and there is a continuous development of new requirements and solutions. One area that is expected to grow quickly is your customers’ demands for Lean Duplex. Our investments in product development and delivery capability mean you have the freedom of choice and the possibility to satisfy your
customers’ demands.
The special analysis and properties of Lean Duplex means that it can react differently in different production processes when compared to austenitic stainless steel. We would be happy to supply you with a test order, as well as our knowledge, in order to test whether you need to adjust your process.
Examples such as:
• COLD FORMING: Greater forming forces are usually needed for cold forming duplex steel.
• HEAT TREATMENT: Is advisable at certain temperatures with rapid cooling.
• MACHINING: Duplex steels are normally more difficult to machine than normal austenitic stainless
steel, however LDX 2101® has shown excellent machinability.
• WELDING: Duplex steels generally have good weldability.
More information about properties and process parameters are available from Fagersta Stainless.

With Lean Duplex, you can offer your customers a better alternative product that combines high quality with a stable and competitive price. Don’t hesitate to contact us. In addition to a new quality product, you receive access to our knowledge and support. Lean Duplex is the order of the day.

LDX 2101® is a stainless steel grade developed and patented by Outokumpu.
Sandvik SAF 2304® is a trademark owned by Sandvik Group.

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